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Amazing business ideas emerging from our Nigerian students

Girls Invent has recently begun supporting Nigerian girls who were profiled by SBS Dateline TV.

Joy from PIAM has this to say about the collaboration between Girls Invent and PIAM: "The main mission of PIAM is to support victims of trafficking, especially the ones exploited in prostitution. The 9 girls participating in the “Girl’s Invent” project are victims of trafficking who have decide to free themselves from the prostitution racket and start an integration project.

They come from different parts of Nigeria and they are aged 17 to 25 years. Most of them have been in Italy at least one year, but their real integration has been strongly compromised by the exploitative situation in which they were inserted.

Now, through the PIAM welcome project and the routes in which they are inserted, they have the chance to build a autonomous future untied from their past experiences. They have different levels of schooling but none of them got to high levels of education due to the economical situation they grew up in, but through the “Girl’s Invent” project and through the support of PIAM’s staff, they are getting to understand how they can actually “build” an idea despite their low schooling or the situations from which they have been conditioned. This is a good opportunity of empowerment and self-trust building which will, hopefully, lead them to a greater understanding of their skills and competences."

Quotes from Our Nigerian Girls "I like the project. It gets me to show my idea and it will, hopefully, help me in future. It taught me how to make business ideas. It make me to know that there are different ways to produce things thru your ideas. It also giving me the wisdom and the knowledge to come up with my experience and my ideas of creating something that will be useful to people in the all word. It make me think that you don't have to give up in life, that you can be able to bring up something in life thru your ideas and become something in the future in order to have a better life." I.T.

"Being in this project is a great thing around for the future. It also makes me to be creative, also makes me to know that you don't have to be a degree holder to have a goal,reach it and be recognised. I could have not know how to think about a pair of innovative earphones if it wasn't for Girl's Invent. I am happy to be part of this project because it makes me to know that I can be creative. Thank you." B

"I am expecting money. It makes me know how people make it in life. It makes me know my talent and I feel good. It saves us from stress. It makes it easier for us." R

"The project makes me get to know how to be more creative and to know how talented we are. It taught me a lot on how I can create a new business. The sense I got in it is that its enlighten us more about how we can bring up business ideas. Mark's project has made me to understand more about business. It has given me more sense, wisdom and knowledge about creativity. At a time I was wondering how a lot of people make it in business, mostly those who don't have much money to start up, but this project makes me understand that you can come up with an idea and find someone that will help you to develop it. So my expectation is to see that my idea has become something concrete. Seeing the steps counter shoes being selled at any shops or any online company will be a great thing and it would be an honor, cause it means that i can reach my goals if i have the will to. This would motivate me a lot. Of course I'm also expecting to receive an economical income by this project. Hopefully my idea will get the attention of someone." T & R

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