Girls in science: Budding young inventors take their innovations from the classroom to the marketpla


Read about three of our girl inventors that were interviewed by ABC News

"We're girls and we're inventors, and we have the ability to do anything boys can do!"

Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

At first glance, Eloise Holwill, Angela Jia and Zara Mammone do not look like your typical inventors — at least not the ones you are taught about in history and science class.

For one, they are teenagers. They are also young women in a field that has long been dominated by men.

But a program encouraging teenage girls to invent their way to an entrepreneurial future is now trying to change that.

"Girls Invent is this really awesome program that helps us think about different inventions that we think are needed in our everyday lives. So it's all about taking a problem and trying to solve it," said Eloise.


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