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Calling Dad's with Daughters

Recently I've realised the common belief that I share with other dads with daughters. That is, to do something about the system that unfairly limits our daughters. My way of doing this is through the Girls Invent program that my daughter and I developed and getting it out to as many girls as possible. I was amazed and humbled by the support I got recently from a dad who understood the purpose of girls invent and took it upon himself to help roll it out throughout Syd through his connections.

I would value your thoughts on trying to build this community of dads into a change making juggernaut as dads have the benefit of knowing how the system works or in the case of women doesn't work as well as wanting our daughters to be respected for their abilities and not being constricted by attitudes that should have been relegated to the 20th Century. I would love to see who out there shares my perspective and how we can build a community of men who want to change our society for their daughters and everyone's daughters.

email me at to discuss or to refer any dads to who want to step forward and make a difference

Great article on the topic

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