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Think You Are Having A Bad Day?

First world problems’ – bad coffee, no wifi, no likes on Facebook. Try no electricity….for days. This was the situation last week for the 20 girls from Ghana who tried to join my regular Girls Invent workshop on Skype. Hopefully this will be different for girls who are so eager to become entrepreneurs.

I was privileged on Monday to join 21 girls from Ghana who gathered around a laptop sitting on a cardboard box to attend one of my Girls Invent workshops via Skype. These girls travelled large distances getting up early in the morning during their school holidays to attend this session. For many of these girls aged between 11-15 yo and living in the poorer so called 'Slums' of Ghana, building economic independence means escaping forced marriages and poverty.

The girls were so enthusiastic and appreciative. Although their financial resources are few, they are wealthy when it comes to their passion to succeed.

Here are some of their kind comments.

"Today is a day of new beginning in the life of Achievers Ghana. All of us were amazed about new things we learnt from you. Women are really great inventors"

It feels right that as more Australian schools and girls become part of the Girls Invent community, that we also share our love of innovation with girls from other countries who also want to believe in a brighter future.

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