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Where are we working?

Girls Invent is currently working in 150 Australian Schools both private and public, co-ed and girls only with more coming on board soon. We have strong commitment to social justice, so our program extends from elite, select entrance schools through to regional and remote locations. As a schools based program, we run our programs within schools usually during school hours but if the school requires sometimes after school hours.

What age group to we work with?

Generally workshops are run with middle years girls at secondary school eg years 7-10. However, we also run workshops as young as year 4 and up to year 12. In 2016, we commenced working with young mums who have experienced disrupted education but wish to create their own employment.


What schools say…

The Girls’ Invent workshop was thoughtfully structured and Mark had a great rapport with our students. The POWER acronym and the focus on self-belief linked with our focus on developing a ‘growth mindset’ and there was a great buzz and energy in the room as the girls made and presented their prototypes. 

Damien Toussaint, Assistant Principal, Matthew Flinders Girls College, Geelong

We have also recently formed a partnership with a Ghanaian NGO to support girls in Ghana who wish to become entrepreneurs and build economic independence to avoid poverty and forced marriages.


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